Inside homes cleaning and more are the experts when it comes to spring cleaning tips, but traditional spring cleaning methods are not the only type of cleaning that needs to be done in order to sell your home. You will have to do a thorough sweep of the entire house, with a more fine-tuned attention to detail. If you are keen to doing the cleaning yourself, we suggest that the best approach is walk through your house taking notes of every knick, scuff mark, chipped paint, leaky faucet, loose door knob, cluttered closet, etc. Make sure you also add in a list of furniture/photos/and other personal items you could move into storage while your house is on the market. This will give you somewhere to start when it comes to building your to do list.

Start your spring cleaning like you normally would, but ensure you add in all of the storage areas as well as your light fixtures, crown molding, and ceiling fans. These areas often get overlooked, but will need to look shiny and clean for the upcoming Open House! You may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service for some extra help because this task, unless you like to clean, can become overwhelming.

After you have attacked the cleaning portion – or during it if it makes it easier on you – try not to forget about things that may cause your home to have odors. This includes filters, appliances, and trash cans. Don’t forget any needed maintenance on the furnace, air conditioner, air ducts, hot water heater, and septic tank. If you have an unfinished room or basement, paint it white to make it appear bigger and to help seller visualize what they would want to do with the space. You want potential buyers to see a clean, organized, modern, well-maintained home. Updating features of your home will help give it a more modern look. This includes replacing door knobs, cabinet hardware, light fixtures or ceiling fans, faucets, toilet seats, shower curtains, etc. Consider switching to a pedestal sink which makes the area appear larger.

Remember that list we told you to come up with that had the furniture, personal items, and family photos on it that you were able to put in storage? Well get ready to remove about fifty percent of the furniture, knick-knacks, and photos from your home. This is truly an important aspect of this process because it may help your home sell faster and when it comes to the staging portion of spring cleaning for home sellers. The whole idea of staging is to remove anything that takes away from the “open space” feeling as well as help a potential buyer imagine themselves living there. This will be hard to do when they see your personal and sentimental things scattered everywhere. Lastly, ensure that your carpets have been steamed cleaned and that you have chosen a neutral paint color for both your walls and floors. Anything to bold or dramatic will clash with certain buyers so it’s best to give them a blank slate. Taking on this big of a task has its downfalls on one’s patience so if you need any of Inside Homes Cleaning and More’s services, please give us a call today!