Offering professional marble cleaning services in Tampa, FL

Many of our residential and business clients have invested thousands of dollars into gorgeous and often custom ordered, marble floors. A popular natural stone, marble flooring typically consist of marble cut into tiles that have been honed and polished to a luxurious shine. When properly maintained marble can retain its impressive appearance for decades. Let us restore the shine to your floors with our professional marble cleaning services.

marble polishing

examples of marble flooring office and home

Our professional marble cleaning team at Inside Homes uses high-tech, specially calibrated equipment that can clean, polish, and restore your marble flooring while preserving the integrity of the natural stone.  Marble floors that have been scratched, scuffed, or have become dulled can be transformed after our Technicians complete our specialized marble floor restoration process.

Dirt and sand can be abrasive to marble surfaces and result in a dull, scratched appearance.  Removing this surface grit without harming the floors is critical to a successful marble cleaning or marble restoration.

We are extremely selective about our cleaning products since acidic solutions can etch or mar the surface of the marble.  Instead, we use a carefully calibrated amount of only non-acidic cleaners and high-end diamond pads designed specifically for use on marble that allows for a natural polish and shine.  We never use waxes or coating to create a false shine that is damaging to the natural stone in the long run.

The Inside Homes team is experienced in cleaning, polishing, and sealing natural stone such as marble and travertine.  Your investment is safe with us.  Whether in your home or place of business, our team is trained and equipped to deliver a high-quality professional marble cleaning that is both effective and efficient.  Our unique clean and dry method prevents standing water or messy streaks and lets you get back to enjoying your space faster than most other cleaning systems on the market.

Contact the Inside Homes Floor Cleaning and More team to schedule an appointment and/or ask questions about our professional marble cleaning services.