Leather Restoration

Clean, Repair and Redye Services

Leather furniture is beautiful with a supple and luxurious feel to it. It can also be delicate and requires attentive care to keep its appearance and longevity.

While leather can be enduring, it can also easily scratch or stain. Certain leathers, especially delicate high-end options can get discolored from the transfer of dyes from clothing. Sometimes its original look can be lost due to ungraceful aging.

Leather furniture, just like other upholstered furniture, gathers pollutants and dirt over time. An additional setback of leather is that it loses its moisture and softness over time making it dull and brittle. Although this can be repaired, be careful using cleaners purchased from stores because they can create a risk of long-term or permanent damage.

Insides Homes’ leather restoration system can often return your beloved pieces of furniture to their original look and feel. Our Skilled Technicians can also discuss proper maintenance that will prolong the life of your leather items and reduce the need for new purchases. In addition to your leather furniture, we also professionally clean leather and upholstery in your car, boat, and RV.

Contact us to discuss how we can make your furniture and fabrics cleaner and healthier.

Our Approach

We prefer to carry out a brief assessment of your leather furniture before we service your furniture. We always aim to provide you with high-quality service that is unique to your needs. We will examine your furniture and propose the right treatment based on the type of leather and the condition it is in. Your leather is sure to regain its natural texture using our water-based dyes and leather finishing.

Leather restoration is beneficial because, in the long run, it saves you money. It is far more affordable to maintain and treat your existing furniture than to replace pieces or sets. At Inside-Homes, we only use safe, professional leather cleaners, protectors, and moisturizers that will restore your leather products without leaving them with any harmful side effects.

Contact us today and let Inside Homes Cleaning and More repair, restore, maintain, and protect your leather furnishings with our safe and professional grade products. We transform your home into a clean, safe, and healthy place for you and your family.