Fiber Protectant

Fiber protectant works by creating a powerful, invisible coating of Teflon and Scotchgard over carpet fibers. The application of this specialized shield prevents dust, dirt, and liquids from penetrating into your carpet. Our fiber protectant system protects your upholstery by reducing dirt that can soil water-safe surfaces. They also prevent wear and tear caused by pollutants without changing the color or texture of your carpet or fabrics.

Fiber Protecting Treatments for Carpet & Upholstery

A great advantage of fiber protectant is its repellency. By creating a barrier over your fabrics, it allows you more time to get rid of spills and dirt before your carpet or furniture absorbs them. A broad array of carpets and upholstery fabrics can be protected by this product including woolen carpets.

To ensure continued protection, we recommend having our Skilled Technician apply the protectant once the carpet or upholstery has undergone our professional steam cleaning. To attain quality performance, it is important to properly prepare the carpet. Our Technicians are trained and have years of experience in protecting our customer’s carpets and upholstery. They are experienced in the proper mixture, dilution, and application of our unique protectant blend.

Though your carpet and fabrics may not become 100 percent impregnable, it will make it easier to maintain and preserve the life of the things you love.

Contact us today and let the specialized team at Inside Homes Floor Cleaning and More protect your carpet and fabrics with our non-toxic protectant. We transform your home into a clean, safe, and healthy place for you and your family.

Important Notice

Even cleaning products designed for individuals with allergies or sensitivities are not guaranteed to be safe for everyone. If you have concerns about a reaction, please consult your doctor before exposure or opt for a chemical-free cleaning.