Bring life back to your floors with travertine cleaning, travertine polishing, and travertine restoration.

Warm and beautifully textured, travertine can be exceptionally porous. Without proper maintenance , your natural stone is at risk for scratching, chipping, and staining. Travertine polishing and travertine restoration can bring the life back into your floors!

Like marble, travertine is a natural stone and it requires care to keep it healthy and looking great.  Dirt and sand can be abrasive to marble surfaces and result in a dull, scratched appearance.  Removing this surface grit without harming the floors is critical. The skilled technicians at Inside Homes use high-tech, specially calibrated equipment that can clean, polish, and restore your travertine flooring while preserving the integrity of the natural stone.

We are extremely selective about the cleaning products we use for travertine restoration since acidic solutions can etch or pit your flooring.  Instead of these harsher chemicals, we use a carefully calibrated amount of cleaning solution specifically designed for use on travertine.

The Inside Homes team is experienced in working with natural stone such as travertine and marble. Our team is trained and equipped to deliver a high-quality professional travertine cleaning that is effective and efficient. Our unique clean and dry method will prevent standing water or messy streaks and let you get back to enjoying your space faster than most other cleaning systems on the market.

Contact the Inside Homes team to schedule an appointment and/or ask questions about our professional travertine cleaning services.