Grout Recoloring and Sealing

Change the Color and Protect Your Grout

Give your floors a whole new look! We can match any color, or change the color completely.

Our color seal process will not only guarantee that you will have beautifully consistent colored grout, but it will also resist future stains from food, drinks (like wine) and dirt.

Our pricing guidelines for grout recoloring is mainly based on square footage (starting at $1 per square foot). We offer free in-person estimates so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Example: A 10 x 10 room equals 100 sf and would cost approximately $100

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Here’s what our satisfied customers had to say about our services:

Everyone on the team provides excellent customer service. I have used Inside Homes several times and am very pleased. Highly recommend.

Annette Kaplan, Sun, Sand and Sea Homes Realty

I am never disappointed when the team at Inside Homes performs work for myself or my customers. They are a Realtor’s best friend! Always professional, thorough, and affordable.

Fritzi Strom, Coldwell Banker