Spring time is right around the corner for some of us, but that’s not as relieving as one would think. Spring not only brings warmth and beauty, it also brings with it the cause of many spring allergies which are a nuisance for most. The problem is we help aggravate our own seasonal allergies with small, simple things we don’t really think twice about. Some pollen and dander can’t be helped, but, there are other things you can do around your home to help decrease the risk of it getting in and aggravating your sensitive allergies.

Leaving your windows open may seem like a good idea to save on cooling costs, but you may end up spending that money on allergy relief medicine. Dust and pollen come in through these open windows and wreak havoc on your sinuses. It’s best to keep the windows closed during the spring to ensure your home stays dust free. This means you will have to use your air conditioner if you haven’t used it in a while, you probably have dirty vents. This will allow dust and pollen to get in so to avoid this, make sure you clean all your vents. If you have pets in your home, you already know the pet hair can trigger allergic reactions. The best way to avoid this is by regularly changing your air filter and keeping your home as clean as possible by sweeping or vacuuming often. Consult a local allergy specialist if you are concerned about what exactly is causing your allergies if you are uncertain.

Another way pollen and dust enter your home are by being dragged in from outside. Every time you go outside, you pick up something and bring it back in the house either on your shoes or on your clothing. One way of cutting down on the pollen that enters your home is to remove your shoes outside of the door. Ensure that you have a doormat to keep dirt and try and remove your coats and outerwear at the door as well. If everyone that enters your household did this, the amount of pollen being dragged throughout the house would decrease substantially. The only way to combat spring allergies is to reduce the presence of the triggers that exist within the home. This may require some house rules changing as well as strict monitoring to make sure they are actually being implemented, but your sinuses will thank you later!