It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: you’ve come home from work to find 3 inches of water on your kitchen floor!  What should you do first? Stagnant water causes excess humidity which turns your home into an incubator for bacteria and mold. To minimize the water damage to your home and to avoid -serious health risks, you need to act quickly !

  • First, if the water is coming from a broken pipe, try and get the water turned off.
  • If possible, turn off the electricity at the main breaker and remove anything electrical from the areas that are flooded.
  • Remove small furniture if it’s an area that’s carpeted.
  • Remove anything that’s under your furniture or bed.
  • Remove any high value or breakable items.
  • Have a dry area in mind where you can move your furniture too why the water removal team works

At Inside Homes, we specialize in emergencies and typically can arrive at the scene within ONE HOUR of an emergency call. Here’s an overview of our proprietary process.

We use state of the art technology for drying, which is based on the safe use of heat and airflow equipment. This ensures that areas which are difficult to access such as behind your walls and under the cabinets can be dried out quickly before mold can develop and spread. Our certified water removal technicians are experts in removing water and achieving complete dry-outs for flood water, plumbing leaks, rain damage, sewer back-ups, and roof leaks.

Once we have arrived at your home our technician will do a walk through with you to assess the areas affected. Then after we do a thorough evaluation, we can check for the presence of moisture behind walls or cabinets. We do this to ensure that the water you don’t see doesn’t cause problems down the road. Our first priority is to extract the water, then remove the moisture to stop the mold growth. Our expert technicians will then explain the best procedure to get the water out of your house as quickly as possible!

After we have gotten the water out of your home, we use a moisture meter that determines how much water is in the walls and base cabinets and exactly where it is. We will then apply mold killer (anti-Microbial) to the walls, floors, and cabinets. After this is has been completed, we set up our drying equipment, air movers, and dehumidifiers to start the drying process. Rick Griesheimer, owner of Inside Homes Cleaning & More states their platinum rule is, “we treat every job as if it was our mothers”.

Our services are tailored to meet your specific yet diverse needs. Our qualified and trained water removal technicians will go to any lengths to ensure you get the services you deserve. We combine technology and total dedication to guarantee impeccable results!

The health risks associated with standing water are too severe to ignore. If you find standing water in your home and do nothing, you could be letting sewage water which is loaded with diseases infiltrate your house and pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Even after the water recedes, proper clean-up is a necessary to avoid breathing in deadly microorganisms that could cause or aggravate existing lung problems. If you have had or have standing water in your home, please call us at 727-394-2942. We can help!