We often get asked “can you really dye leather furniture?” The short answer…yes!

Just another reason to buy leather furniture!

If you are a real couch potato, you know that leather couches are the best.


Leather couches and leather furniture are more durable, are easy to keep clean, and provide years of use. But sometimes, after years of wear and tear, the leather begins to lose its luster. Or maybe you have just decided you want a new color. Either way, dyeing your leather couch is a great way to revive your couch and revive your living area.

You can totally transform the look of your furniture and your home by dyeing your leather furniture.

How does it work?

Dyeing leather is a process that penetrates the leather’s fibers, creating a color change that is bonded into the material itself. This allows you to have the rich, vibrant colors that mix in naturally with the material.

Can you dye all leathers?

No, not all leathers. The main leathers we are able to dye are absorbent leathers. This includes suede, nubuck and aniline leather. Aniline is a top-grained absorbent porous leather.

What colors are available?

There are many different colors to choose from for leather dyeing. If you have a specific color in mind, ask your dye specialist.

Can you match a piece of furniture to curtains or other furniture?

As long as you have a swatch or sample, you can usually come very close to matching the piece of furniture.

Can you color a darker couch lighter?

It’s easier to dye a lighter couch to a darker color. But you can dye couches to a lighter color. It just takes additional steps like buffing and sanding.

Can you change the color of 2 furniture pieces (that are currently different colors) to the same color?

Yes, you can transform two different furniture pieces that are two different colors into the same color. You will need to follow a process similar to dyeing a darker couch lighter. You may require more dye than normal depending on how different the original colors are.

How long do you typically have to wait before the dye is set?

Typically, you will need to wait 1-2 hours. After that period, you will want to buff the area with a polishing cloth.

How many ‘coats’ do I need to dye leather?

This is a great question. The answer is…it depends. If you are covering a color, it takes more dye. If you are going for a dark or very vibrant color, you may need more dye.

Are you ready to SHAKE UP the look of your living room and home? You don’t need new furniture. You just need a refresh!

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