Hardwood floors have many benefits that homeowners love.  Below are the 5 key benefits.

  1. Easy to keep clean

Hardwood floors are incredibly easy to keep clean. You can sweep, steam-clean, and vacuum the floors to keep them looking and feeling good.  And unlike carpet, wood floors don’t hold on to dust mites or pet dander.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Because of the ease of cleaning and the ability to deep clean, hardwood floors are great for people that have allergy issues.

As mentioned above, hardwood floors do not trap dust, animal dander, pollen, or other common allergens. Tile and laminate are easier to keep clean than carpet and are better for allergies.  But tile and laminate are not as clean as wood flooring. Grout and embossing can often hide dust and other allergens.  Hardwood floors are the best flooring for the highest quality air in your home.

  1. Strong & Durable

Why do many homeowners choose wood flooring?  Because it’s durable.  Wood floors can handle the wear and tear of daily living.  Wood floors can get scratched or dented, but if taken care of properly, can last many years.

Hardwood flooring is often installed in areas with high traffic because of its durability.

  1. Adds Value to Your Home

Wood floors can add value to your home. Buyers are often willing to pay more for a home that has wood flooring than any other type of flooring. Other floorings just don’t have the luxurious feel of hardwoods.  Because it’s a feature sought out, wood flooring may even help sell your house faster.

Wood flooring has a level of comfort that other flooring doesn’t.  In addition to the beauty and warmth hardwoods give to your home, hardwoods give you a spacious feel that goes with many different types of styles and designs.  Hardwood flooring has a timeless appeal that many other floorings do not have. Think about shag carpet, linoleum, and certain patterns of tile.  Hardwoods are one of the oldest flooring choices and have stood the test of time.

Many realtors and real estate investors will tell you that not only does your property value go up with wood flooring, but the speed at which to sell or rent a home can also be much faster with wood floors.

  1. Can Be Refinished

As we mentioned before, wood flooring is easy to keep clean and is durable. Wood flooring also gives you the ability to make your old flooring new again.  Do you have some dents and scratches?  You can refinish the floors.  Want a different look or a different color?  Refinish the floors. The cost to refinish is significantly lower than buying and installing new flooring. You can make a fairly drastic change in your home without spending a lot of money.