There are many misconceptions about hardwood floor cleaning scattered throughout the internet – from the numerous Pinterest posts to the forums wild claims of the best practices used by generations before them. Most of these methods may appear to work for now, but they can cause damage over time. Inside Homes Cleaning and more is here to clear up these misconceptions and give you the hard facts for the life of your flooring.

Myth 1: Vinegar and water are a great cleaning solution for hardwood floors

Vinegar and water may seem like a great natural and easy floor cleaner since most people already have it in their kitchen but the vinegar can permanently dull or damage your hardwood floor overtime. It’s best to use the product recommended by your floor manufacturer. If you don’t know the manufacturer, talk to a flooring expert to find out their suggestions.

Myth 2: Mopping is the best way to clean wood floors

Wood and water do not mix, even with a damp mop. Wet mopping can actually void your floor’s warranty because that wet mop is putting too much water on the floors. To prevent these problems, you can use a spray like the Bona hardwood floor cleaner spray or something similar lightly mist the floor and then use a dry mop to finish your cleaning process.

Myth 3: Steam cleaners are the best thing to use on hardwood floors

How many times have you seen those infomercials on TV claiming that steam cleaners are a great option for sanitizing and cleaning your hardwood floors. However, many hardwood flooring manufacturers state that steam cleaners are not recommended when cleaning your wood floors and will void the warranty if you use a steam cleaner on your new flooring. Repeated use of a steam cleaner can result in peeling, whitening, or cloudy finish on your hardwood floors. We suggest keeping that steam cleaner away from your hardwood floors If you want to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

Myth 4: Vacuuming can be done on hardwood floors

Most people think that any vacuum can be used on your hardwood floors, but it must be used WITHOUT a beater bar. The rough bristles on the beater bar can permanently scratch and damage your floor. You can get a hardwood floor attachment to make your vacuum safe for to use on your hardwood floors.

Myth 5: Any cleaner can be used on my floors

Ammonia based cleaners can ruin the color of your floor where oil-based cleaners will leave a milky residue on the hardwood causing discoloration. Stick with the manufacturer’s approved cleaners to avoid any these ingredients.

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