Have you ever looked in your bathroom and been disgusted by the amount of filth and grime that has built up in your grout? Even if you clean your bathroom from top to bottom, you will still notice your dirty grout/tile. While most people remember to do the obvious parts of bathroom cleaning, the toilet, sinks, mirrors; most people forget about one of the dirtiest aspects of the bathroom: the tile and grout.

Tile is an ideal flooring solution when it comes to your bathroom because of its durability but you must show it some love every once in a while to keep it looking clean. Not only does regular cleaning ensure your tile remains in great condition for years to come, but it also keeps your family healthy by removing the buildup of mold and mildew.

While this buildup is unappealing to many, it is not your biggest issue. Usually, this type of buildup is a good indicator that something else is happening between the tiles and the grout, creating the perfect habitat for larger amounts of mold to grow beneath the surface. Your bathroom is the ideal breeding ground for mold because it’s always a humid environment. Getting rid of mold before it develops is the best option for setting up a bathroom that’s not conducive to mold. Most homeowners don’t understand how to effectively clean their grout which is where we come in. In an effort to clear up some of these confusions, we decided to bust some grout cleaning myths below.

Myth #1: Acid Cleaners will do the Trick

Acid based cleaners do an excellent job of removing dirt and bacteria, but they can be pretty invasive and dangerous to your tile. Too strong of a concentration can cause your grout to erode, damage tiles, and emit harmful vapors. It’s best to steer clear of any acid cleaner to be sure your tiles and grout won’t be damaged. However, if you do choose to use an acid cleaner, make sure you choose one that is specifically made for use with tile and grout.

Myth #2: Mopping Is an Effective Cleaning Technique

Mopping has been a favorite floor cleaning method for many decades, and it does a great job cleaning the surface of your tiles. But that is where its effectiveness ends. Moping cannot reach the dirt and grime that is below the surface of the tiles or in the grout. Make sure you are not mopping a visibly dirty floor since you could actually push the dirt even further into the porous material. Mopping should only be done after you have taken the time to remove all of the buildup from the floor.

Myth #3: Sealed Grout is the Forever Grout

Many people assume that after you seal your grout, no future maintenance is needed. While everyone should seal their grout, there will still be wear and tear on high traffic areas. You should consider freshening up your sealer every so often while you are cleaning your grout.

Myth #4: Soaking Tiles is an Ideal Cleaning Method

There’s a common misconception that letting tiles soak in soapy water is the best way to clean them, but this could be the farthest thing from the truth. Letting the soapy water sit on top of tile surfaces may loosen up dirt, but it also leaves a tacky film on top of the tiles, which can actually attract more dirt in the future.

Myth #5: You Can Always Clean Grout on Your Own

You can always clean your grout on your own, but in some cases, you may have to hire a professional if the buildup has gotten out of control. If you believe you have mold present or that you grout has deteriorated from a lack of maintenance consider calling Inside Homes Cleaning & More.