Summer is here and so is hurricane season. Nobody ever wishes for a hurricane to come rolling in, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared if it does happen. The destructive hurricane of 1921 that last struck Pinellas County was a solemn reminder of this and the area is lucky not to have had a major hit since then. However, there has been a few tropical storms that have caused significant flooding in recent years. At the end the of day, Florida residents never really know when disaster may strike again.

Beyond boarding up the houses and leaving town, what can we really do? Knowledge really is power, and we should be aware of what to do after a hurricane or tropical storm flooding incident just as much as we prepare before a storm.

When you do discover flood damage you should contact a professional immediately. The longer water sits the more opportunity it has to do damage and potentially spread bacteria throughout your home. In large flooding situations it’s not uncommon for sewer water and waste to rise and flood the surface. This obviously isn’t something we want in our homes.

Once your home or office has dried, a qualified professional will be able to use a moisture meter and detect water even behind your walls and cabinets. This is an important step, as you might think your area is dry and fine, but standing moisture in the walls or unseen areas can quickly turn into hazardous mold.

For this reason, even a small amount of flooding should be handled by professionals. They can detect unseen moisture and set up professional drying equipment to make sure all of the moisture is removed. Even once the water is gone, it’s important to take the proper steps in cleaning a space.

Nobody wants a hurricane to come, but living in areas such as Pinellas County, Florida, we need to be prepared. When it comes to flooding, remember to act fast. The longer water is sitting in your home the more damage it will actually do. Contact professionals and get the job done right. When it comes to the safety of your family and home, the use of a professional is a no-brainer.