We all love our tile surfaces because they are easy to clean and maintain but what is often overlooked is the cleaning of the actual grout around that tile. Maintaining your grout is one of the most important steps when it comes to cleaning tiled surfaces, and knowing how to do it properly is critical for extending the life of your tile and grout. It is common to oversimplify the process of cleaning grout, and some myths have developed on just how to do so. Let’s delve deeper into each of these myths and make sure we are doing what we can to maintain these surfaces.

The first myth is the belief that only mopping or wiping your tiled surfaces is enough to clean the grout effectively. While this would sure make life easier, it simply isn’t the case. It might be easy to assume that all tiled surfaces are maintenance free but they need care just like anything else, and this applies particularly to the actual grout, as this is the most likely place for dirt and grime to build up.

The second myth related to grout is that your average household cleaners will do the job of cleaning up your grout just as efficiently as those fancy grout cleaners specifically meant to handle this type of job. There is a caveat to most household cleaners when dealing with grout. Bleach, for example, might seem like a good idea, but it will, in fact, break down the grout over time. Dish soaps and other necessary household cleaners actually leave a film of residue in your grout, which might make it look clean at first, but over time more dirt will stick to this residue. You wouldn’t use a broom to do a mops job when it comes to liquid spills on your floor, would you? The same thing should apply to the type of cleaners you are putting on your tile.

The third grout myth is related to the second but deserves its own place on this list because it involves attempting to get rid of your grout stains and dirt build-up with a high strength acid. This, again, is not a good idea as it will break down the actual grout, severely shortening the life of your surface.

The fourth grout myth tells us that the best method is to take a wire brush to manually remove residue from your grout. While this approach will indeed remove some of the dirt, it will also begin to eliminate the grout itself, not to mention possibly damaging your actual tile. This obviously isn’t the most elegant solution either if you want to keep your tile beautiful.

So, with all these myths debunked, what can we actually do to keep our tile surfaces clean in a safe manner? The use of a professional grade cleaner specially designed for your grout and tile surfaces is the only way to properly keep them clean. If you don’t want to spare the extra elbow grease, you can always hire a quality, cleaning professional which will make this process a lot easier and go a long way in not only making sure your grout and tile looks great, but also that it lasts a long, long time. Contact Inside Homes Cleaning and More today to schedule a tile inspection to see what we can do for your tile needs!