Football fever is here! The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and everyone is excited to stand behind their favorite team. This is that time of year that you get to drink beer, eat wings, and celebrate – or cry in some cases over whichever team wins the Super Bowl. While a big Super Bowl party sounds exciting, it also brings a mess along with it. However, if you come prepared, you will come out of this event a winner!

Spill-Proof Your Home

Having a preemptive strike planned is the best type of plan to have. You can start this process but making sure you place rugs, mats, or whatever you have on hand on the carpet before your guests arrive. That way your carpet is safe from any accidental spills. Make sure whatever you choose to cover your carpet is easily washable. You can stick to a clear plastic runner if need be so you can just throw it away when you’re done. Be sure you to place these in high traffic areas though and not just in a corner, or they will be useless. Some even take it a step further and cover their furniture with a slipcover to prevent stains and damages.

Choose the Right Foods

This could be a great option for most hosts but not so fun for your guests because there’s just some food you must have when it comes to celebrating the Super Bowl and all. Consider having a lot of finger foods that can easily be picked up and won’t leave a stain. If you insist on having chips and dip, wings, or dark drinks (which we insist you do), consider placing a drop cloth around the table your guests will be eating at. Ensure that you have plenty of plates, napkins and trash bags around the house to make it convenient for guests to clean up after themselves.

Be Ready to Act Quickly

Even with all the prep in the world, a mess is bound to happen. Make sure you are equipped with stain and spot removers for when those spills and messes take place. Try to have your cleaning supplies/stain removers on hand before the big event. We suggest having a carpet cleaner, laundry stain remover, and all-purpose cleaner ready to go the day of the party. The better you plan for a disaster, and the quicker you act, the less likely your stain will become permanent and turn into a major fumble.

Post-Party Cleanup

After the party has ended, take a walk around your house to see if you can find any stains. We suggest focusing on these first before tackling the while cleaning your house from top to bottom thing. Taking care of these stains before bed will ensure they don’t have time to set. You can begin the deeper cleaning the morning after so you give yourself time to rest after such an exciting football-filled day.  Don’t let a gameday fiasco ruin your party! Carry on with the festivities until you reach the end zone and just know that Inside Homes Cleaning and More is there to help you make the winning touchdown. Contact us today to inquire about any of your cleaning needs.