Dry Out For Water Damage


Water damage is an all too common problem in homes in the US. Water damage claims are growing according to the American Insurance Association. How [...]

Dry Out For Water Damage2018-07-16T23:20:49+00:00

Tile and Grout: Do Not Do This to Your Beautiful Floors


Tile floors are beautiful.  If you have dogs or kids, you really appreciate the ability to quickly ‘wipe up’ most spills.  Keeping them clean [...]

Tile and Grout: Do Not Do This to Your Beautiful Floors2020-04-10T00:12:56+00:00

How To Maintain Your Natural Stone Floors


 Natural stone flooring is increasingly popular for areas outside and inside homes and businesses.  Stone whether in large slabs or tile is both beautiful [...]

How To Maintain Your Natural Stone Floors2020-04-10T00:13:34+00:00

Top 5 Cleaning Life Hacks


We often talk about cleaning tips in our blogs but this month we want to cover some life hacks for cleaning. We have scoured the [...]

Top 5 Cleaning Life Hacks2017-07-12T18:27:09+00:00

Florida’s Flooding Season is Here!


Hurricane season is almost here which means boarded up windows, sandbags piled high, and evacuated homes and businesses.  Natural disasters like hurricanes can be devastating, [...]

Florida’s Flooding Season is Here!2017-06-07T18:05:36+00:00

How to Clean Your Grill


Springtime is here and grilling season is near! But, wait…. Did you clean your grill before stashing it away for the winter? Most of us [...]

How to Clean Your Grill2017-04-05T15:16:47+00:00

5 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Myths


There are many misconceptions about hardwood floor cleaning scattered throughout the internet – from the numerous Pinterest posts to the forums wild claims of the [...]

5 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Myths2018-04-27T02:01:17+00:00

Top 5 Grout Cleaning Myths


Have you ever looked in your bathroom and been disgusted by the amount of filth and grime that has built up in your grout? Even [...]

Top 5 Grout Cleaning Myths2017-02-14T14:31:56+00:00

Super Bowl Messes and Stresses


Football fever is here! The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and everyone is excited to stand behind their favorite team. This is that [...]

Super Bowl Messes and Stresses2017-01-13T23:43:54+00:00
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