We often talk about cleaning tips in our blogs but this month we want to cover some life hacks for cleaning. We have scoured the internet and compiled a list of 5 particularly beneficial life hacks everyone should know to make their cleaning routine a little easier. Making things generally easier for everyone, in the long run, is our goal along with making sure all of your cleaning needs are taken care of. Here are the top 5 life cleaning hacks proudly brought to you by Inside Homes Cleaning and More:

Schedule Cleaning Time Around Something Entertaining

Try scheduling your cleaning routine around something entertaining such as a weekly podcast, TV show, or live concert. Choose something that’s 30 minutes or more and on every week. Sometimes background noise is the easiest way to get through the most mundane tasks.

Set Your Home Up To Fit Your Habit

Organize your cleaning schedule around your natural impulses. Set things up to where they go along with your habits, instead of against them. When you drop things and think they shouldn’t go there, give them a place to go whether it be a bowl right by the door to drop your keys into or a hook on the wall. If you drop your dirty clothes in the same spot in the bedroom, put a hamper or basket there so you throw them in it instead of the floor. Make your home makes sense for you!

Clean in Quick Spurts Versus Marathon Cleaning

Instead of doing several hours of chores on the weekend, clean in one or two 15-minute intervals throughout the week. You can do this by incorporating a quick 15-minute run-through of your home when you get home and pick up or take care of the major clutter. This will free up some of your weekend time to enjoy life instead of cleaning up after you’ve lived yours all week.

Don’t Worry About How Others Clean

Try not to live up to anyone else’s standards of clean but yours. Some of us are neat freaks and some are not. One person’s strenuous cleaning routine may not fit your lifestyle so there are plenty of midway points that are perfectly acceptable. You don’t have to be the person that spends all day cleaning every other day. Whatever works for you is perfectly fine as long as it’s getting done.

Have a Place to Hide Clutter

In almost every home there is a “junk drawer” which is basically a place to store items you don’t want to deal with at the moment, like bills, random paperwork, pens, batteries, tools etc… Some people use their guest bedroom or garage for the same purpose. Although this isn’t in the spirit of “neat and tidy”, having privately messy spaces makes it a lot easier to keep the rest of the house tidy.