Our topic for this month is not a topic that stirs excitement for many people, most probably loathe it. It is literally looked at as the Mt. Everest of housekeeping – something that only a few can ever claim they attempted and succeeded. Spring Cleaning! Thaaaaaat’s why it’s almost June and you are still looking around at the clutter. Have no fear though, Inside Cleaning Homes and More is here to offer up a few tips for those who procrastinated during Spring.

Spring cleaning does not have to be scary and something we must all do to purge our house of unwanted things and make sure our home is scrubbed clean from top to bottom. Thinking about getting everything done for Spring cleaning can be overwhelming for many so it can easily turn into Summer cleaning. So, get ready to pull on a pair of your cutest rubber gloves and get to work.

If you’re anything like me, the best way to motivate me to clean is if I know people are coming over. With that in mind, consider throwing a party. No one wants to present a dirty home to their guests so it’s a guarantee that you will create a sparkling environment to entertain your guests. This way kills two birds with one stone: catching up with old friends and spring cleaning!

Here are some tried-and-true tips from Inside Homes Cleaning and More for tackling this enormous task:

  1. Make a List

Sometimes seeing a laundry list of everything that needs to be done and then being able to cross it off one by one makes all the difference to some people. When creating your list, ensure it has all the seemingly small tasks and chores so as you’re knocking them off, you’ll get a little thrill each time you check something off.

  1. Break it Down

Break down your house room by room. Sometimes trying to take on your entire house at once will make you feel defeated even before you begin. Start with one room at a time and map out the critical tasks for each.

  1. Divvy It Up

If you live with others, include them in on the responsibility. Don’t be a martyr and try to tackle the entire cleaning project by yourself. It is only fair that other household members pitch in as well. Sit down and decide who gets what, or let them pick the tasks. If you want to be fair, you could always put all of the chores on pieces of paper and have your household pull their tasks out randomly.

  1. Get Started

Once you get the ball rolling, it’s much easier to keep it rolling. If you’re procrastinating, try starting with something small. Grab some glass cleaner and go to town on your mirrors and windows. You will get some instant gratification that you can use to keep going.

  1. Give Yourself a Break

Nobody said it had to be perfect, or that it had to be done in one day!

Once you are all done with your list, make sure you dedicate a couple of hours a week and you will find that things go much smoother during Spring cleaning next year.