Homeowners often think they need to replace wood flooring. Many times it makes more sense to restore the floor rather than replace it. Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable. If you take care of them, they can last a long time.

According to Homeadvisor.com, the average nationwide cost to replace wood flooring is $4,376 up to $10,000. This price may go up or down depending on the total square footage needed as well as the location of the work. In addition to the price, the amount of time it takes is significantly more.

Do you have wood flooring that has scratches, worn out areas, and more significant damage? Before thinking about replacing the flooring, let us help. Because of the durability and strength of hardwood floors, we are able to refinish and polish the hardwoods making them like-new. With the proper maintenance, you can keep your floor looking amazing for years to come. Even when scratches or wear patterns start to affect the appearance of your floors, a hardwood floor
refinishing process may be used to bring your flooring back to its original beauty. The process of refinishing varies depending on the severity of the damage and overall condition of the floor. Many homes need a complete refinish. But some only require buffing and cleaning of the surface. Depending on the extent of your damage, different techniques can be used.

In most cases, fully sanding and complete hardwood floor refinishing is needed. However, there are times where the floors we inspect are in very good shape. During our scheduled estimate we will discuss the best options for your flooring.

What is our hardwood floor refinishing process like?
We have two options for our floor refinishing process. These options are Dustless Sanding and Refinishing and a lower cost buffing. The lower cost buffing is very effective for cleaning and residue buildup removal. These methods are both effective and cleaner than the typical refinishing process. Our process requires less cleanup and less overall time. Our dustless process uses a dust containment system allowing us to maintain air quality and prevent much of the mess associated with refinishing. Our dustless process ensures a 99% dust-free refinishing process.

Are you not sure where to go next? Let us give you a free estimate on your flooring. We can help you make the most informed decision and help you determine what’s right for you.