So you’re having a party for the Holidays! How exciting! Now comes the time that realize your house isn’t even close to being ready to entertain anyone, let alone friends, family and coworkers. Cleaning your house can be done as quickly and easily as planning the actual party. Everything must be done in methodical steps in order to get everything done for your party, right? Same thing goes for the household cleaning that needs to be done beforehand. If you cannot afford a cleaning crew and need to get this done yourself, we are here to help!

What do you do when you first plan a party? You usually make a list of everything that needs to be done beforehand. You strategize. Well this is the first thing that needs to be done for the cleaning house portion of your list. Dividing your housework into smaller tasks makes it more manageable overall. This is the day you walk through our house with pen, paper, tablet or whatever else you make lists on and take note of everything you want to get done. Then you sit down and break down each task to spread across a 6 day window, therefore completing our 7 steps of prep. Yes, six days is enough time and manageable for anyone, trust us!

Here is an example of what your plan might look like:

Step 1: This is the first day and will entail organization of chores

Step 2: Day two will entail dusting, window cleaning, and entry cleaning like door trim, etc.

Step 3: Day three will entail cleaning the bathrooms

Step 4: Day four will entail cleaning and polishing the guest areas

Step 5: Day five will entail Vacuum/sweep/mop all your floors

Step 6: Day six will entail scrubbing that kitchen

Step 7: Day seven you will do another walkthrough and complete any touchups that need to be done

If you prep beforehand for your holiday party, your stress will be diminished greatly. You don’t have to follow our list step by step. You can make your own variation of it. Don’t try and take all the work on at once because ultimately, it will seem like too much for one person to handle. If you take your tasks and break them apart, you will achieve your goal without much stress! If you think you have too much work to handle, call inside homes cleaning and more at 727-394-2942 to find out how they can help!

Here is a Free copy of our Holiday To-Do List to make things easier for you!

Pre Party Clean and Prep in 7 Easy Steps (2)