With most surface types, most manufacturers will suggest spot cleaning, which means to only clean the surface being careful not to saturate it. When buying a new couch, or mattress, you want to make sure you know what to do, because let’s face it… no matter how careful you want to be, accidents happen! Rick Griesheimer, owner of Inside Homes Cleaning & More, says “The trick is to not allow the spot enough time to sit there and penetrate the fibers because it is more likely that it will become permanent.”

Sometimes stains cannot be completely removed, especially if they are substances such as mustard, ink, egg, or blood. These types of stains can permanently alter the color, texture, and overall appearance of your fabrics and/or carpet. Although you can use cleaners, like Rick’s Pro Spotter, some substances should not be used. Bleach is one of those substances. It can damage your carpet or fabric beyond repair.

Steps to Spot Clean your Upholstery at Home:

Before you attempt to spot clean any area, be sure to test a small hidden area before cleaning the entire soiled area. This ensures that the surface you are cleaning will not have any adverse effects like texture or color change.
Once you have tested a small area successfully, you’re free to spot clean the rest of the stained area. Apply Rick’s Pro Spotter to the soiled area using a clean, white cloth.

Get ready to blot your arm off because this is the most important part to getting any stain out. Make sure while you are blotting that you are switching to a new section of the cloth each time to avoid reapplying the stain to an already cleaned area. When you are confident that the soiled area has been properly cleaned, give it time to dry.

If you are cleaning cushions for example, it’s important that you clean the entire area and not just the spot. This guarantees that the entire surface blends in with the rest of the area once it has been thoroughly cleaned.
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