Hardwood floors are a popular flooring option, yet not many people know how to clean them properly. If you’re looking to have hardwood floors installed or already have them, but they are in need of a good cleaning, consider using some of Inside Homes Cleaning and More’s tips for cleaning your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors need a lot of TLC if you want them to continue looking good for years to come. Sometimes you can’t help the condition of our hardwood floors because you may have just moved in so it’s understandable that you want to do everything in your power to make them stand out, after all, flooring in a home can really make a statement and set the tone for your visitors.

Inside Homes Cleaning and More has a few pre-cleaning tips for hardwood flooring owners but first, when you approach cleaning your hardwood floors, it’s important to remember that it’s the finish you are cleaning and not the wood itself. If you are unsure of where to inquire about the finish of your floor, Inside Homes Cleaning and More can help you figure out what floor finish you have by walking you a through a couple of tests.

Our first finish test will be the soundness test. Visit a high traffic area and apply a few drops of water. If the water drops bead up you have a sound finish. When you are working with a sound finish water based cleaners are okay to use as they will not soak into the flooring while you work to dry your freshly cleaned floor. Alternatively, if you apply the water drops and notice the water begin to soak in the wood, you can assume you have a penetrating finish. These finishes do not take water based cleaning products well and could speed up deterioration of your flooring. Another method, to see if you have a penetrating finish is to run your hand over the floor surface. If you can feel the wood grain, your finish is more than likely a penetrating finish.

As you have come to learn, all hardwood flooring is not made equal so if you’re in need of a hardwood flooring expert, consider calling Inside Homes Cleaning and More for their expert opinion on how to approach cleaning your hardwood floors. We want you to get it done right the first time to ensure you have beautiful hardwood floors for years to come!