Can You Dye Leather Furniture?


We often get asked “can you really dye leather furniture?” The short answer…yes! Just another reason to buy leather furniture! If you are a real [...]

Can You Dye Leather Furniture?2020-06-09T23:42:58+00:00

5 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Myths


There are many misconceptions about hardwood floor cleaning scattered throughout the internet – from the numerous Pinterest posts to the forums wild claims of the [...]

5 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Myths2018-04-27T02:01:17+00:00

Allergy Proof Your Home


Have you noticed you’ve been sneezing in your home more often? Has your family? Does anyone have hay fever or allergic asthma in the home? [...]

Allergy Proof Your Home2016-10-20T18:59:57+00:00

How to Handle Holiday Mishaps


This Holiday Season is upon us and it’s important to have a good game plan when it comes to your clean up routine. With all [...]

How to Handle Holiday Mishaps2016-02-23T05:07:57+00:00

Popular Cleaning Myths


1. The Best Cleaning Solution is Bleach When you walk into a home or a business and the strong scent of bleach hits your [...]

Popular Cleaning Myths2020-04-10T00:13:49+00:00

Our Water Removal Process


It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: you've come home from work to find 3 inches of water on your kitchen floor!  What should you do first? [...]

Our Water Removal Process2020-04-10T00:16:04+00:00

New Year’s Cleaning Traditions and Superstitions


Many families have traditions they have carried on through generations. One common tradition is cleaning your house thoroughly on or before New Year’s Eve. [...]

New Year’s Cleaning Traditions and Superstitions2020-04-10T00:17:47+00:00

Get the Nail Polish Off of Your Carpet


Everyone has done it once or twice, maybe more in their lives, and spilled nail polish on the carpet. Don’t Panic! There are a [...]

Get the Nail Polish Off of Your Carpet2020-04-09T23:16:14+00:00

Care Tips for your Tile


Installing new tile is an exciting time. It’s a wonderful experience that adds beauty to your home. It took some time to pick out [...]

Care Tips for your Tile2020-04-09T23:17:08+00:00
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