1. The Best Cleaning Solution is Bleach

When you walk into a home or a business and the strong scent of bleach hits your nostrils, it gives you the sense of cleanliness. As children, bleach was the ultimate cleaner that most of our moms used to decimate the germs and mess. However, bleach is not considered to be a cleaning solution. It is actually a disinfectant. It can remove those tough stains but if you have other types of residue on any of your surfaces, you will need to scrub them. For most household cleaning jobs, bleach just isn’t the answer anymore. Not only that, its heavy fumes can make you ill and any contact with skin can be harmful.

2. Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Shrink Your Carpet?

In the past when carpets were made out of a lot of natural fibers this would have been a major concern but nowadays carpets are made out of many different fibers, mainly synthetic which reduces the risk of shrinking to a minimum. If you are unsure of what your carpet is made out of, contact the manufacturer or read the instructions to find it. The only way a carpet would shrink is if the carpet got overly wet during the cleaning process and your technician left it that way. This is highly unlikely though since most of technicians have been trained properly and have been cleaning carpets for years. Make sure you hire a reputable company to ensure your piece of mind.

3. Does Hairspray Really Remove Ink Stains?

Ink is one of the most aggravating stains to get on your clothes because as we all know, it’s nearly impossible to get out. Ink stains respond well to alcohol and since hairspray is partly made out of it, it’s understanding why these two got together for this myth in the first place. This may have worked in the past only because back then, the alcohol content in hairspray was much higher than it is today. Our conclusion is that hairspray should only be used for hair care and not ink stains.

4. Using Only Vinegar to Clean Everything

Let say first and foremost, vinegar is a wonderful cleaner, sometimes considered magical depending on what you’re cleaning. The problem with vinegar is people have way too high of expectations on what vinegar is actually capable of. There are some things out there that vinegar should not come in contact with such as hardwood or wax floors due to its acidity. Stone surfaces can actually be damaged and even etched by vinegar. Unsealed grout should not ever come in contact with vinegar because over time it can deteriorate the grout. Some people use vinegar for carpet cleaning solutions. However, vinegar only masks odors. As much as pros as vinegar offers, there are some cons to using it as well.

5. Using Newspaper to Clean Glass

This is one of those myths that have some half-truths to it. Some people swear by the newspaper method for cleaning glass and it does work, but it is not always your best option. It will work if you’re in a pinch, but sometimes there can be some drawbacks to using newspaper. The print on the newspaper can actually smear the glass and get on the frame of your mirror or glass. More importantly, newspaper does not hold together very well when wet. If you are set on using this method, that’s okay, but always know there is an easier way out there!

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