Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean During Fall Celebrations


As we enter into autumn, we begin to think about fall entertaining, such as Halloween parties, Thanksgiving get-together’s or other events. These celebrations can make [...]

Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean During Fall Celebrations2019-07-19T04:57:24+00:00

Popular Cleaning Myths


1. The Best Cleaning Solution is Bleach When you walk into a home or a business and the strong scent of bleach hits your [...]

Popular Cleaning Myths2020-04-10T00:13:49+00:00

How To Clean Up Those Pesky Holiday Spills


Planning a holiday party this year? If you are, it’s best to prepare for any mishaps that might happen. Have your stain pretreatment ready. [...]

How To Clean Up Those Pesky Holiday Spills2020-04-10T00:18:00+00:00

Allergy Proof Your House For The Holidays


With the Holidays just around the corner, it’s important that you take care of your health. The fall season brings fall allergies and if [...]

Allergy Proof Your House For The Holidays2020-04-09T23:10:17+00:00

Get the Wine Stain Out!


We have all experienced the moment of horror, usually in slow motion, as a glass of red, never white, wine topples over onto your [...]

Get the Wine Stain Out!2020-04-09T23:14:51+00:00

Care Tips for your Tile


Installing new tile is an exciting time. It’s a wonderful experience that adds beauty to your home. It took some time to pick out [...]

Care Tips for your Tile2020-04-09T23:17:08+00:00

Care Tips for your Carpet


So you just had new carpet installed and you want some tips on keeping it clean in order to get the most out of [...]

Care Tips for your Carpet2020-04-09T23:18:16+00:00
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