Leather Cleaning Services

Safe & Effective Leather Cleaning Services

Our leather cleaning service can help prevent undue wear and keep your furniture looking great!

Over time, the look and feel of your leather furniture can begin to diminish. This can happen for many reasons, and we should tell you, these reasons are beyond your control. One reason you may start to see stains, or dark spots, is because of our own body oils. Oils from both people and animals can aid in deteriorating your leather furniture.

Even though leather is very durable, proper cleaning is still routinely suggested. Some clients admit to using a cheap leather cleaning product that did more harm than good. Using leather cleaning products that do not work can lead to dryness and cracking.


Here’s what our satisfied customers had to say about our services:

Everyone on the team provides excellent customer service. I have used Inside Homes several times and am very pleased. Highly recommend.

Annette Kaplan, Sun, Sand and Sea Homes Realty

I am never disappointed when the team at Inside Homes performs work for myself or my customers. They are a Realtor’s best friend! Always professional, thorough, and affordable.

Fritzi Strom, Coldwell Banker