Leather Cleaning and Restoration

More than just leather cleaning!

Leather Cleaning and Restoration Services for Home and Business

Leather is a super durable, and low-maintenance surface for home or business furnishings. By following the proper cleaning steps it can be rather simple to keep your leather furniture looking great! But what happens when your furniture begins to look too dingy or dirty? Maybe it is becoming dry or starting to crack? Simple cleanings may not help with this.


Here’s what our satisfied customers had to say about our services:

Everyone on the team provides excellent customer service. I have used Inside Homes several times and am very pleased. Highly recommend.

Annette Kaplan, Sun, Sand and Sea Homes Realty

I am never disappointed when the team at Inside Homes performs work for myself or my customers. They are a Realtor’s best friend! Always professional, thorough, and affordable.

Fritzi Strom, Coldwell Banker