Do you love the sight of the window treatments in your home? In addition to adding style and controlling sunlight, the Draperies in your home are like filters. They help prevent pollen grains, smoke, dust, and mold spores from getting into your home. They insulate your home from pet dander, bacteria, dust mites, human/pet hair and skin flakes.

With Inside-Homes, drapery cleaning is always ½ off when combined with other services in the same visit. Ask for a quote today!

Over time, the fibers in your draperies get saturated with these pollutants and waste materials. This can take away from the life of your drapes, dull the color, and cause drapes to sag or lose shape. It is ideal to deep clean draperies at least once a year to get rid of these contaminants and preserve the beauty and life of your window treatments.
No Mess, No Fuss Cleaning Services
Inside Homes offers in-home dry cleaning of draperies and valances. This saves you from the hassle of taking them down and re-hanging them. We clean them as they hang, inside your home. After pre-vacuuming the drapes, we steam and dry clean them using high-tech upholstery machines. Not only is this time saving and cost effective, it is also much safer.
You won’t have to live in a fishbowl for even a day. Your window coverings will never leave your windows! No need to worry about who is looking in!

Benefits of Inside Homes Drapery Cleaning:

  • We won’t trigger your allergies! We use unscented, color-safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions and allergens and odors are safely removed from your draperies.
  • No costly re-fireproofing of drapes is necessary compared to submersion dry cleaning method.
  • Fabrics release odors and freshness is restored to the room.
  • Fabric blinds and rubber-backed blackout shades can be cleaned effectively without any damages.


We Can Clean Your Valances Too!

Valances are hard to clean because it’s difficult to remove them, so let us handle it for you!
We also clean  cloth covered valances!