We offer mold testing to ensure that mold is not present in your Tampa Bay home or business.

When you have water damage occur, it allows mold the opportunity to grow in your home or business. Even small amounts of mold inside or outside your living or working space may cause serious health issues, from allergies to life-threatening conditions like pneumonia. A property infested with mold is not fit for living, nor can it be sold – and remains a burden both for the homeowner and for the real estate agent. Having a mold test done by a professional can help pinpoint areas where mold is growing.

Airborne mold, not visible to the naked eye, is the main concern, often caused by poor water Removal clean-ups that disturb the mold and spread it throughout the building. Without airborne mold testing, mold assessment cannot be complete. Do not allow poor testing methods and incompetent mold removal service providers to cost your family their health. Undetected fungi can cause dangerous effects even with low-grade exposure over long periods of time.

Inside Homes Mold Inspection and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services Include:

  • Before clean-up mold testing (field assessment and laboratory analysis)
  • Air quality testing
  • Recommendations by a Skilled Mold Inspector
  • After clean-up verification testing
  • Pre-purchase property checks
  • Eliminating odors (caused by smoke, pets, spills, foods, decay) to improve Indoor Air Quality.

Please note that our Expert Mold Test team does not perform Removal/Clean-up of mold contamination. Our mission is to give provide honest test results and it is our policy to have zero financial interest in the discovery of mold or the results of any removal services.

If you have concerns about mold in your home or business, contact us today to schedule a mold test with one of our Skilled Technicians.