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Inside Homes Cleaning & More works closely with Expert Mold Test to ensure that water damage will not cause a dangerous health concern for your home or building. 

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We Provide Mold Testing

When you have water damage occur, it allows mold the opportunity to set in. Even small amounts of mold inside or outside your home may cause serious health issues, from allergies to life-threatening conditions like pneumonia. A property infested with mold is not fit for living, nor can it be sold – and remains a burden both for the home owner and for the real estate agent.

Airborne mold, not visible to the naked eye, is the main concern, often caused by poor clean-ups that disturb it and spread it throughout the building. Without airborne mold testing, mold assessment cannot be complete. Don’t let poor testing and incompetent mold removal cost your family their health, because undetected fungi can continue having their dangerous effect. Call today for an appointment to get your place a mold free environment.

Test Info

expert-mold-test-logo-mdOur Mold Inspection and IAQ Services Include:

Before clean-up mold testing (field assessment and laboratory analysis)
Air quality testing
Recommendations by a Certified Mold Inspector
After clean-up verification testing
Pre-purchase property checks
Eliminating odors (caused by smoke, pets, spills, foods, decay) to improve IAQ.

Please note that Expert Mold Test does not perform remediation/clean-up of mold contamination. It is our policy to have no financial interest in the discovery of mold or the results of any remediation.